Top 10 Foods Contain the Highest Fiber

6/. Spinach

The growing season of this dark green vegetable, originally from Persia, extends from spring to autumn. As a parent, I am surprised at the number of dishes in which I can drag cooked spinach to add nutrients and fibers, like lasagna, burgers, and even chocolate squares.

“It’s because they can hold water that fiber-rich foods give us this feeling of satiety for long periods,” explains Heidi Bates. Because they digest slowly, fiber-rich foods release nutrients that gradually infiltrate our blood. This prevents fluctuations in blood glucose levels that can interfere with our energy level and cause cravings that are difficult to resist.

How to eat them: Spinach babies are excellent in a salad and can also be cooked or baked. Large spinach leaves usually have to be rinsed several times to remove the sand they cover. They are also delicious with steam, boiled, or lightly stir. And Fiber content: 2.3 grams per half cup of cooked spinach.


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