Top 10 Foods Contain the Highest Fiber

8/. Brussels Sprouts

It might be years since you last ate the nemesis of your childhood, the boiled Brussels sprout. Harvested in the fall, it is generally not popular with those who frequent the schoolyard. As an adult, however, you can better appreciate the bittersweet flavors of this tiny cabbage-like vegetable. It is said to get its name because it was seen in Brussels markets as early as the 1200s. According to the local news site Foodland Ontario, it is now cultivated throughout North America, Europe, and Australia. Local varieties of this root vegetable can maintain their freshness most of the year, provided they are kept in a cool place.

How to eat them: Forget about boiled Brussels sprouts. Savor them roasted, or even steamed. Making an “X” at the base of each cabbage will cook right through to the heart. Fiber content: 3 grams per half cup of cooked Brussels sprouts.


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