Top 10 Foods Contain the Highest Fiber

Here is our list of the 10 most fiber-rich foods…

10/. Peas

According to the website, the world’s oldest pea is nearly 3,000 years old and has been discovered on the border between Thailand and Burma. However, these legumes are suspected to be from the Middle East and Ethiopia. This may seem obvious (although we were living when frozen foods are available), but peas grow in a clove that resembles that of peas, thicker; they must be shelled to reach the round sweet treasures hidden inside. Small frozen peas are on the market all year round, and fresh local peas are only available during the summer.

The peas in the garden are freshly tarred and are a delight for the palate. They can be eaten raw, mixed with salads, or cooked very lightly. Frozen peas can be added to your favorite stew or in a pasta sauce. And Fiber content: 5.6 grams per half cup of fresh peas.


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