Online Education


E-learning – That is what university students are heading. Be part of the online continuing education system!

EOE provide you with a global educational niche empowered with a full spectrum of Information Technology and Non-IT courses that is of the highest quality. The benefits to your time and costs are overwhelming. brings you a complete set of online e-learning opportunities. Continuing education is what we provide, where you have a chance for completion of non-credit and credit professional development e-learning activities by an approved provider such as Ohio University which has a unique history and track record.

E-learning Courses :
From Basics to Hardcore Programming, Networking, Graphics, etc.

Education Online Certifications :
Get a Certification from Prestigious Ohio University, USA for PROPACK 120.

Online Continuing Education Benefits :

No time Constraints (Complete in a month or year)
No fixed timings (learn at your own pace)
No Campus visits required
Authentic Ohio University Certification
Non-credit & Professional credits accepted
Costs nearly 1/10th of a regular University degree